Design and technologies are fundamental to the Cross River Rail project. A visit to the Experience Centre provides a unique opportunity to connect students’ knowledge and skills to real-world applications in this contemporary mega-project.

Our education program offers a range of collaborative activities developed to foster creativity and provide opportunities to respond to design challenges.

There are knowledge-based components focussing on bridges and tunnels, as well as skills development opportunities incorporating consideration of user needs, design generation and evaluation. Activities include applying human-centred design principles, investigating movement around cities and how this impacts future designs and exploring transport in the past, the present and into the future.


Albert Street TransformationLiveability/Urban change5 to 930 minsAs the first new train station in Brisbane’s CBD in more than 120 years comes to life, how will this transform Albert Street, creating a city for the future?
Urban change, human-centred design, liveability and transport planning are considered through the lens of the transformation of Albert Street.
Architects at WorkArchitecture3 to 1030 minsInspired by our subtropical climate, the four new Cross River Rail underground stations are quintessentially Queensland places that will provide a world-class travel experience. Students consider factors that influenced the design of the stations and how they meet community needs for a sustainable future.
Biggest Building BattleDesign3+30 minsBy comparing the length of the new underground Albert St station to local landmark buildings, students engage with the significant engineering on Cross River Rail. Students will apply a design process, to generate innovative ideas, design and build a model tall building.
Build a BridgeEngineering4+ (Prep+ alternative available)30 minsStudents are introduced to some of the Cross River Rail bridges as well as globally recognised bridges and the most common bridge designs. Students will apply a design process to generate innovative ideas, design and build a model bridge.
Design for AccessibilityDesign5 to 930 minsThrough a detailed examination of a case study incorporating a range of hands-on and audio-visual materials, students will gain an understanding of technological solutions to accessibility challenges, and the positive impacts for society.
Super Signalling SystemDigital technologies3 to 1030 minsUpgrading South-East Queensland’s railway signalling system is an important part of the Cross River Rail Project.

The complexity of the new European Train Control System (ETCS) is simplified through working with mini robots demonstrating how technologies can solve problems and contribute to society. Students use a coding app to develop their coding skills and test out their expanded skills. 

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