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Hello and thank you for considering to incorporate one of Queensland’s largest infrastructure projects, Cross River Rail, into your lesson units.

Please find below activities you can do with your students to help teach them about the science behind the Cross River Rail project.



There are many specialist disciplines, from all over the world, that come together to bring a mega-project to life. Cross River Rail can work with educators to craft a bespoke learning opportunity for your cohort.

Work with us to create a learning opportunity like no other.


A specialist involved in the construction of Cross River Rail can make a guest appearance at a school to discuss career pathways, or guest lecture on a specialist topic.

Please note: Special incursion opportunities are at the discretion and availability of specialists. Consultation with Cross River Rail’s education team is required


If you are a regional or remote school looking to work Queensland’s largest infrastructure project into your learning units, get immersed in the Cross River Rail Virtual Experience Centre. Developed for future travellers across Queensland, this tool is the perfect way to understand and experience the project without traveling to Brisbane City.


Are you ready to travel? Cross River Rail’s Future traveller program has been designed to provide hands-on, minds-on interactive learning experiences that based on the Australian Curriculum. Students can investigate how a city works, how people travelled in the past, currently travel and how they will move in the future.

The passport program is a generalist inquiry-based program offering a range of interactive challenges allowing students to work in groups, or individually applying the context of Cross River Rail to topics such as mathematics, history, archaeology, engineering, economics, cultural history and physics

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Welcome to the Investigator Manual teachers pack and thank you for choosing to incorporate one of Queensland’s largest infrastructure projects, Cross River Rail, into your lesson units and participate in the Future Travellers Passport activity.

In this activity young Virtual Experience Centre visitors will be guided through the Science of Tunnelling program and be encouraged to put their knowledge to the test in a fun information gathering scavenger hunt.

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professional development


The Cross River Rail Teachers Academy has been designed as an opportunity for primary and high school educators to work with the Cross River Rail and BOP team to reimagine their units of work, student challenges, and classroom resources with a localised industry focus.

Over the course of the program, we will be working with teachers to identify links between the curriculum and the Cross River Rail project including creating new case studies, activities and real-world challenges to take back to the classroom.

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